Review Procedures

Starting with volume 18 of the mathematical journal Folia Mathematica the submitting papers will be reviewed by two independent reviewers out of the institution publishing journal (single-blind review process).

The papers, prepared in English, which are original, significant and relevant in all areas of mathematics should be delivered in electronic format. The manuscript should be prepared in TeX according to the template. Two copies are expected. The first one should contain the full information concerning the authors and their affilliations while the second one, free of information above, is going to be sent to the reviewers. Also the attachment list of four potential reviewers is expected. Names of the reviewers of individual publications or editions of journal are not disclosed.

Folia Mathematica puts particular attention on cases of academic dishonesty, as defined by the following terms:

  • Ghostwriting means that some actual author or co-author, having made an important contribution to the paper, is not disclosed as co-author, or when his or her role is not mentioned in the acknowledgments published in the paper;
  • Guest authorship (honorary authorship) means that a person is mentioned as the author or co-author of a paper without having contributed at all to the article or when contribution of a co-author was negligible;
  • Plagiarism means that resources are not given or significant parts of the paper are not paraphrased. If a paper already published in another language is submitted for publication, the original publication should be mentioned in the first footnote.
In order to eliminate the above mentioned types of academic dishonesty, the journal has established the following rules:
  1. Authors of papers submitted for publication are required to disclose contribution of individual authors in creation of the paper, listing their affiliation and own input. This requirement applies first and foremost to the submitting author.
  2. The journal will document all indications of academic dishonesty and the identified cases of academic dishonesty will be reported to the proper institutions (e.g. institutions where the authors are employed, scientific societies, other journals or institutions). Based on the decision of the reviewers and the editors, authors engaging in unsound scientific practices will be excluded from any future cooperation with Folia Mathematica.
  3. If publication's research is financed by domestic or foreign organizations, the author/authors is/are obliged to indicate the sources of financing (financial disclosure).

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