Volume 20 (2018), Number 1
1. Kamil NiedziaƂomski
Geometric Structures on Riemannian and Finsler Manifolds - Integral Formulae, Minimality, Entropy
Pages 3-16
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2. Marek Majewski
Existence and Continuous Dependence on Parameters of Solutions to Certain Types of Differential and Integral Equations
Pages 17-27
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3. Abtin Daghighi
Local Characterization of q-analytic Functions in Terms of Hypoanalytic Functions
Pages 28-37
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4. G. S. Srivastava and C. Singhal
On Analytic Functions of Slow Growth Represented by Laplace-Stieltjes Transformations
Pages 38-49
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5. Stanislas Ouaro
Seis Model with Treatment in an Exponentially Growing Population
Pages 50-85
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6. Dmitrii Mitroshenkov
Continuous Approach in Self-Optimizing Neural Networks
Pages 86-98
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