Volume 19 (2017), Number 1
1. Marek Balcerzak, Małgorzata Filipczak
Ideal Convergence of Sequences and Some of its Applications
Pages 3-8
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2. Ryszard J. Pawlak, Ewa Korczak-Kubiak, Anna Loranty
On Some Open Problems Connected With Discrete Dynamical Systems in Abstract Analysis
Pages 9-29
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3. Andrzej Nowakowski
Mathematical Models and Computations in Biosciences and Mechanics
Pages 30-49
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4. Marcin Studniarski
Optimization With Respect to General Preference Mappings
Pages 50-54
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5. Robert Plebaniak
A New Type of Distance as a Tool in the Metric Fixed Point Theory
Pages 55-64
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6. Antoni Pierzchalski
Gradients: the Ellipticity and the Elliptic Boundary Conditions - a Jigsaw Puzzle
Pages 65-83
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7. Halyna Krainichuk
Classification of Group Isotopes According to Their Symmetry Groups
Pages 84-98
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